Buy Waterproof LED Ranger Torch | Fast Track Sharjah

High quality  flashlight in Sharjah !

High quality  flashlight in SharjahCheck this new waterproof LED ranger torch light from fast track Sharjah. The speciality of this particular torch light is that it can use in under waters.  It is because, the special type of reflector used in  ‘Fast Track Ranger’ Flash light torch can withstand the underwater conditions and refraction of lights inside water. Hence compared to other type of flashlight torches, this will be very useful for seeing a very clear and long distance view inside the under waters.

The special configuration like ‘CREE CPE LED lights’ to give powerful, clear and long distance view with extra white bight light; ‘CNC Machined Aircraft Aluminium alloy’ cover case for resisting corrosion and durability; Safe and intellectualised charger for more safety; 3500 mAh Ni-Cd (Nickel–Cadmium) rechargeable battery for more power; “3M O-rings” sealing for water proof and water resistance and to ensure long-life performance;  Long life LED bulbs for providing approximately 100000 Hours usage etc.. are making this flashlight, one of the best torch lights among others in this category.
To know more about this flashlight, please click the below link.

High quality  flashlight in Sharjah | Fast Track >


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