Flashlight Torch Online

Best flashlight torch online

Have you ever used a Flashlight or a torch? You may find it difficult to use a torch which needs a battery. It means that we can’t recharge it with electricity. But what about rechargeable torches?

You will love to have it, We know. It is easy to use. And it will weigh a little. Every moment it is ready. No delay in action. Also, it is durable. Yes, this will be the best torch for you. And you just need to follow the below link to add a quote for this product or you can contact our sales team.

And you are looking for this brand new products name?

We named it as Fast Track Torchlight FT – 2233 NL. Prepare to experience the ever bright torch light in your life.

Features Of Fast Track Torchlight FT – 2233 NL

  • Size: 218mm X 48mm easy to handle size
  • Lamp: CREE R4 LED bright light
  • Battery: Ni-Cd 1900mAh rechargeable
  • Recharging Time:10 hours
  • StandBy Time: 150 minutes
  • Range: 3000 meter – longest vision provider
  • Waterproof model
  • Bright light
  • Push button for quick action

Best Flashlight Torch Online


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