Energy Efficient CFL Bulb – FT-64 HPE

energy efficient CFL bulbs online

Energy consumption becomes a crisis nowadays. We must need to find a solution for this. Here Fast Track provides Energy Efficient CFL bulbs which can be used for home lighting. If you are wishing to decorate your home and worried about energy consumption please choose Fast Track CFL bulbs for better results. Use Fast Track CFL bulb in table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, recessed and other ceiling fixtures including pendants. This model named FT – 64 HPE is not for use with dimmers, electronic timers, photocells, or motion/occupancy sensors.

Some features of Fast Track CFL bulb FT 64 HPE are,

  • Watts: 15W ideal for indoor decorations.
  • The color of light: Very cool daylight for indoor uses.
  • Color temperature: 5000
  • Dimmble: Not dimmable.
  • Lamp Type: Fluorescent
  • Lamp subtype: Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

Buy CFL bulbs online from Fast Track Dubai.

Fast Track CFL Bulb – FT-64 HPE | Fast Track Dubai


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