Fast Track Dubai | Fast Track Electric Kettle – EK-901

This contemporary electric kettle features a large 1.5-liter and transparent exterior that makes it easy to see the water levels inside, so you know when the kettle needs to be refilled. With a classy, transparent exterior and black accents, this kettle would look great in any kitchen. For convenience, this kettle is cordless and has an anti-slip base, for avoiding spilling over while pouring the contents out. The Fast Track kettle is a modern, robust appliance that any hot drink lover could get his hands on, all the time. Besides, it can keep your tea or coffee, warm for an hour or so, which means you don’t have to reheat it over and over. The auto-lip open function and the auto shut-off feature adds to the practicality and easy usage of this electric kettle. Interested in buying this one? Head over to our official Fast Track website to get one for yourself.

Source: fast track dubai | Fast Track Electric Kettle – EK-901


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