Multi Purpose Rechargeable Fans Dubai

newwwwFast Track Dubai, your favorite company for home appliances and electronics items presents multi purpose rechargeable fans. Portable and Rechargeable fan with multi tasks like LED lights, mobile chargeable power bank etc.

Features of Fast Track Rechargeable Fans Dubai

  • Power supply: AC220-240V 50/60hz 33-60W
  • Recharging Time: 16 Hours
  • Built-in Battery: Rechargeable sealed Lead-Acid, High power Battery 12V 7.5Ah
  • Operating Time Emergency light : 100 hours
  • Operating Time Recharging Fan : 4 Hours in high speed (1600RPM)
  • 25 Hours in Low Speed (500 RPM)
  • LED : 27 PCS 4.8mm LED
  • Motor : DC 12V
  • Dimensions : 497 X 241 X 640 MM

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