Fast Track


Fast Track is the fastest growing home appliances company. Consumer satisfaction is the secret behind our growth. People are using our wide range of quality products world wide. FastTrack is a team of creative and dynamic professionals.
Torch lights was our first product and we attained large heights in that industry. We always keep improving on our products and always trying to do innovative things. 

Source: Fast Track 

Today we have wide variety of home appliances, which will make your life easier and smooth.


Water kettles are our very new product. Our Kettles are light weight as well as strong enough tokettle overcome any falling. It is made up of strong and lite weight material. Like other products we offer warranty for our Kettles also. Our product wfast-track-kettleill last for long years and it will not affected by corrosion, since it is made of high quality steel. Visit our website to see our all beautiful models.

        Our other products are,

        torch-light                     emergency-light

cfl-lamp                      electric-stove

       iron-box                      mixer

       gas-stove           Visit our website to see more products and models.


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